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Who is Blood of the Tarrasque?

Welcome to our tavern fellow adventurer!

The Blood of the Tarrasque is a guild of Mature players hailing from Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Residing on the Thelanis server, we are a bunch of happy go lucky power gamers, dedicated to sucking the marrow out of DDO and each other.
We are very couples friendly and believe that if you can convince your partner to play, we'll support you with it. That being said, we realise there is this place called "Real Life" which members disappear into now and then and while we are tolerant of that, we also enjoy communication when it happens.

We're tolerant and supportive of most playstyles but we are vehement in our demand of participation as well. Members participate with other members because we are a family who loves running together, learning together and conquering everything the game has to offer...together.
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours type of mentality. Our guild is a home of synergy and symbiosis for all manner of players.

Whether running with the guild, friends or in a stranger’s party, we demand Integrity, Honesty & Respect above all else.
We are here to have fun and have firm policies against any unnecessary “drama” that effects this.

Come along with us. Bring a sense of humour and a warrior's spirit for we back down from no fight, so come prepared!

Come sit at our campfire and swap some stories with us, boast a little and stroke some egos. The Tarrasque loves to hear it all.

The Blood be with you

NB: Currently we are on a drive to build the Blood again from the floor up. This includes our reputation on the server as well as our guild resources and level. We choose to mention it here so that it is known that if you decide to join us, part of belonging to the guild will involve some favour runs now and then until we get to a point where we are comfortable.

We are also NOT a RP'er guild, but since I am in RL a RP'er, I will have elements of it in my writings purely for flavour. In group, RP is limited to needless ragging because you died. Gimp Down!!!

Tarrasque / Guild Leader:

Guardians / Officers:

Scribe / Moderators:

Current Guild Level:
51 (Stormglory Bolt)

Ingame Friends Channel:
/joinchannel BottCrew Thebloodisoutthere

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